2021 International Yacht Races in Auckland Harbour

2021 International Yacht Races News & Updates

The New York Yacht Club is expected to announce a challenge for the 36th America's Cup

Source: America's Cup: Old rivals set to take on Team New Zealand

The devil will be in the detail. Dana Johannsen highlights what to expect.

Source: America's Cup: Formula is firmly secured

Team NZ re taking the America's Cup on a national tour of the regions this month

Source: Team New Zealand tour the regions with the America's Cup

There is set to be a new sponsor for the 2021 edition of the America's Cup.

Source: New America's Cup details revealed

Tom Slingsby will devote the next year of his life to putting together an Aussie challenge

Source: America's Cup: Tom Slingsby hoping to spearhead Australian challenge

Auckland has less than two years to get bases built for the America's Cup.

Source: America's Cup bases must be built in Auckland by 2019